Approachable, silky smooth finish Veglio Nebbiolo d’Alba

The range and variety of wines produced by Nebbiolo always reminds me of Burgundy- another difficult growing area where weather and terroir combined with a finicky grape produce wines that can range from light and fruity to monsters requiring decades to work off their tannins.

Nebbiolo d’Alba tends to be lighter and less tannic variety.  Great for early consumption at a good value.  Bright cherry red color with a clear and bright finish- no over extraction here.

First impression is of raspberries not yet ripe with Rainer Cherries, Oceana roses and tar/tobacco notes.  In the glass, nice red fruit, cherry and raspberry with earthiness and a clean balance between fruit and acidity. Silky smooth finish that lingers and makes you want to drink more.

Excellent with food or without.  Fresh ingredients, Cantonese food, Roast Chicken with Truffles

Dry, approachable, clean finish; overall a good example of Nebbiolo d’Alba produced in a modern style.


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