Mancino Chinato

I had the pleasure of sharing Mancino Chinato again, this time with my friend Mike and Chef Gianni in Bangkok recently. After a great meal prepared by Chef Gianni where we enjoyed our fill of great food and wine, we shared this gem enjoying the soft and luscious finish with the refreshing Chinato bite. IContinue reading “Mancino Chinato”

Emerging Quality Chinese Wineries: Domaine Franco Chinois and Chateau Canaan Visit

I had the privilege to join some luminaries of the wine scene this past week in Hualai, Hebei. Richard Li, my former colleague invited me to join Lau Chi-sun of Wine Now Monthly, Jim Boyce of Grape Wall of China as well as Vincent and the always effervescent Judy Chan from Grace Vineyard. We setContinue reading “Emerging Quality Chinese Wineries: Domaine Franco Chinois and Chateau Canaan Visit”

When The Party’s Over…

by Jonathan Mather While Chinese consumers slow their purchases, Hong Kong’s wine market is in freefall due to ongoing unrest and the US-China Trade War. Imports of wine into China are down 41% YOY Jan to Aug, which tracks the 64% decline in re-exports from HK YOY according to a recent HKTDC study. The HKContinue reading “When The Party’s Over…”

US Wine Sales fall further in China

Chinese imports of US wines fall by 48% YOY in the first 3 Quarters of 2019. After peaking in 2016 at $81.5 million, US wine imports slipped to $78 million before dropping rapidly in 2018 due to the emerging trade disputes between the countries. Current tariff levels of 93% will increase further if now resolutionContinue reading “US Wine Sales fall further in China”

Leading EU wine companies united to tackle challenges- Vino-Joy

A total of 27 leaders from some of the EU’s major wine companies have gathered in Barcelona for the first edition of The European Committee of Wine Companies (CEEV) “Club of CEOs” meeting to discuss challenges at stake for the European wine trade including climate change and sustainability. See more: